The Eyes Of A Poet

Since I was very young, I have always written poetry. For as  long as I can remember I delighted in creating images with words and sharing them with the world. Sonnets come easily to me, as does Haiku. I enjoy the rules of structured poetry, but also the less so.

Poetry appeals to me because it is all about conveying with more than the meanings of words, but also the sounds and the way they fall together. Then there’s the rhythms, how they convey a meaning to add to the images, putting them in motion.

Poetry is an art, and for me,  flows from within–though it takes its inspiration most often from something outside of me. I enjoy the wonderful variety of poetic expression and find myself wandering amidst a forest of styles with delight in all of them.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with my poetic voice and share my poems here.

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