Sharing is Caring

Stephen’s computer had to go in for some work. So for the past week we have  had to share mine, for work and play both. Since we are writers, we both needed to be using it. Furthermore, the two of us have a lot of Internet friends, relations, and even fans of our writing we  communicate with regularly. Halving the amount of time each of us could be on the computer was challenging.


Stephen and I are used to sharing and we enjoy it. More often than not when we go to a restaurant, we share a meal. This inevitably involves compromise because there are things I simply can’t eat without a negative effect that Stephen is fond of, yet has to forgo. Of course, I am willing to share what he would like to order as long as it’s ok for me to eat it. However, much of the time he endures the discipline of giving up what he would like in favor of our sharing.


Certainly it is easier to compromise  if I care for the person with whom I am sharing. Frustration and feelings of being deprived also are easier to bear and considerably less important when there is affection in the picture, or at least kind regard. More times than not, sharing involves compromise. From a physiological standpoint, it is healthier to be willing to compromise without resentment. Anger and resentment have a very real, measurable negative effect on the body. 


When I offer to share, I do so from my heart. When I am sharing with someone I have a lot of love for, it enhances that love for me If resentment does arise, I can be aware of it, because while it might arise naturally it does not have to be more than a passing thundercloud I can disperse with a burst of love. Sharing brings me great joy. I greatly appreciate the opportunities to do so when they show up. I will also be very happy when his computer comes back home.Image

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