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Perhaps there are no strangers, only friends

Who have not met each other yet it seems.

Perhaps we are the branches of a mighty tree

That’s hung with all our many colored dreams.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps….


Perhaps each life is but a single note

That altogether makes a symphony

Perhaps we are the sound of one accord

That rings throughout all of eternity.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..


Perhaps each note is all the notes combined,

For one and one are still one in the end.

Perhaps each stranger is ourselves alone,

In need of someone who could be a friend.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps……


Perhaps we can remember who we are

And know there is no other way to be

Perhaps one day we’ll truly come to know ourselves

As branches of one great, and mighty tree.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..perhaps.

                                                               by Tasha Halpert

7 thoughts on “Perhaps

  1. Thanks so much for your your kind reblogging. You may always reblog anything I write and I am always grateful when you do. WArm Wishes and a hug, Tasha


  2. “Perhaps” is a wonderful read. I READ it aloud to myself to get the sense of poetry and rhythm. In another time and place, I could hear Nat Cole singing “Perhaps”.


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