Loving the Earth, for Robin 1962-1990

I first felt it yesterday: a stirring in my chest,
a warm glow began slowly then spread out,
making me warm all over.

Sweet mounds of earth
I see you through my windshield,
grass growing like fur upon your sides.
I stroke you with my eyes.
Dear lumps of clay that give with every breath,
ask little in return;
I breathe love back to you and murmur thanks.

Upon the anniversary of my son’s birth
I have received this gift. Now more than ever
he is part of my experience each day.
Feeling this love I know it as both his and mine,
and him as one with it, not in his grave
but singing in the soil.
Dear son, you loved the earth with all your heart,
I never knew how much. Now I too share that love;
and with it all the joy it brings us both.
As I receive and give that love each day,
I thank you in my heart beloved son.

StairwaytoHeaven2Photo copyright Tasha Halpert 2013