Heartwings Love Notes: Freedom and the Fourth


Heartwings says, “Freedom is relative to circumstances, strength and responsibility.”
The Fourth of July, fireworks, cookouts and politics aside, is about freedom, the day we took responsibility for ourselves. A previous tenant in my building left a sticker on the glass of the entranceway saying, “Freedom is not free.”  Intended as a commentary concerning the military, these words stand as well for a truth concerning freedom in general. One way or another there is indeed a price to be paid for freedom of any kind–physical, mental, emotional or psychological.
As I child I had great freedom of physical movement. Now I look with wistful envy as young children jump up from sitting on the floor or crawl about on the rug playing games. I may be free to move as I like but I’ve given up bouncing– even on the furniture, and I need to work at getting up off the floor. On the other hand, freedom of thought can be restricted by prejudice.  As I get older I have to remind myself to stay as open minded as I used to be.
Psychological freedom is a choice I can make. I can eliminate or examine my prejudices. My desires are limited by my budget, yet within it I have the freedom to choose what I want. I can do the same with people, letting myself be guided by my heart. If I choose to I can plan activities without worrying. As I grow older I have observed how frightened of the future many seem to be. As well I have the freedom to pursue what I wish for without being limited in my choices.
Growing up I yearned for the freedom to do what I wanted. In my mind adults, unlike children were entirely self determined. Of course the price to be paid is not what most children realize let alone appreciate. The cares and considerations of adulthood are the tradeoff for this “freedom”. As I move through my life I can choose the responsibility freedom entails, taking care of myself with freedom from fear, prejudice, or lack. The price to be paid is responsibility, and that does not seem to me to be too much to pay.
May you choose ways to enjoy your life as freely as possible.
Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert
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  1. I always thought, when I heard my parents talking quietly at night, too softly for me to make out the words, that they must by discussing Great Matters. It turned out to be mostly about money, but who knew? One of the many mysteries of childhood.


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    • I fear I am too busy to play, although I surely would if I could. It’s a lovely thing to do. And I appreciate you for the nomination. You are most kind. Warmly, Tasha


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