Heartwings Love Notes 1054 Where are my cookies

Heartwings says, “Sharing is caring and easy to do.”

My first husband and I had five lively children, and to pass the time while I cared for them, as well as to make them happy, I baked cookies several times a week. The trick, however was to make sure everyone got his or her fair share. To do that in a good way, I counted up the cookies and divided by five, saving a few over for the grownups. On the list of amounts per child, each one was to check off the ones taken. Most of the time this kept the peace.

I used to do the same with any expensive fruit, like peaches and plums. Everyone abided by this setup. No one wanted to feel the collective wrath of the rest of the family if they didn’t. Fairness was an important principle that I wanted to be sure my children learned. I made it a priority for everyone to get their fair share.

 In addition, to help make each child feel cherished and special I used to take each in rotation for a trip to the destination of their choice. But not just that, I made a rule that when we were out, my time would be devoted exclusively to the child—I would do no errands or other personal activity. They remember these fondly.

I tended to discourage competition within the family, and rarely if ever compared any one of them to another. This was not how I was raised. My mother was a very competitive person and my father was somewhat this way also. Perhaps this was due to the prevailing attitudes of their generation. Regardless, I did not think it helped siblings to become friends when they were always being presented as being into competition.

I am happy to say my grown children are all good friends. They share one another’s lives in positive ways that my sister and I were not encouraged to do. For example, I remember discovering something really nice she did for my mother that neither told me about at the time, and I found out quite by accident.

If there were more sharing in today’s world, there would be a better use of resources. I recall once suggesting to a neighbor that we invest together and share in a power mower; she looked at me as though I had two heads. Sharing is caring, both for the planet and for friends and neighbors.

There are many ways to share that cost us little to nothing in cash or time. On the internet, there are informational blogs on many subjects that one can read and add to. Parkinson’s individuals, for instance can be of help to one another this way. Volunteering in a variety of ways can be another way to share. Some organizations, like the Rotary Clubs, are very giving. Regardless how you spend your time, remember, if you do bake cookies, your neighbors might like some too.

Enjoy sharing the best way you can, and there are many to choose from.

Blessings and Best regards, Tasha Halpert

P.S. Suggestions, comments and thoughts are always welcome. I treasure your emails. Please write me at tashahal@gmail.com, and I’ll happily answer.

6 thoughts on “Heartwings Love Notes 1054 Where are my cookies

  1. I think you are the FIRST person to actually LIKE WordPress’s new format. I find it very glitchy to use, though it looks very good.

    We are fine, but we still don’t go out much. Garry is just not eager to do much traveling, even short distances and he hears so badly, even with the cochlear implant, he avoids being places where he knows he isn’t going to be able to hear much. I hope he is able to get new aids in the spring. Hopefully he will because he’s having a hard time.


    • Hello, and thanks for commenting. We have been living quietly, ourselves. Life is good, like the tee shirt says, and our trips are mostly for errands or Dr. apts. Nothing serious, though. We are pursuing our writing and enjoying the cooler weather, phew!


  2. I put you on my email list. A lot of things I used to get just disappeared. Everytime WP updates, I lose a few people and sometimes, I refind them or they find me.

    My family was so dysfunctional, competition wasn’t even an issue. We just needed to survive.


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