Homely Beauty

There is beauty to be found where least expected:
in dried blossoms clinging to bare bushes,
in the twisted intricacy of a naked tree
against an autumn sky slowly dimming.
Beauty smiles from wrinkled faces remembering
as old eyes gaze at small children and listen to their laughter.
I applaud the homely for its quiet elegance
its small soft voice bespeaking a unique and special loveliness
like a cracked pitcher that belonged to a great-aunt
or a rusted iron fence gleaming in the sunset glow.
These warm my heart and draw my eye.
I cherish beauty that goes unnoticed
amidst the flash and filigree that draws the crowd.
I want to embrace and caress the tattered and torn
that form patterns of valor against the starkness of harsh reality,
precious beauty, quiet, shy, and velvet rich to the stroking hand.

Photo and Poem Copyright Tasha Halpert 2013


Sunset Musings

Image                                                                            Photo Copyright  Chris Lorenz 2013


Even as the sun sinks

I can almost taste the dawn.
Sunrise and sunset are mirrors
East and West reflecting:
Birth and death, two sides of a coin
Waving hello or goodbye, but waving.

When we die to one day, we are born to another.
When we are born, what do we leave behind?
Each dawn is a birth, each night a death,
I watch the sunset, wondering what the sunrise will bring.

As the light dwindles
Hemlock branches darken against the twilight sky.
As they sway, tracing their gentle dance
The dusk fades to night.
I watch the last sunset clouds
Grey and dissolve.
Tomorrow’s promise
Sings in the memory of the light.

                           Tasha Halpert